Are you tired of watching your children struggle in school?  Are you fed up with yourself for getting overwhelmed and can’t move on because your brain shuts off? Brain Integration corrects the foundation of the processing abilities and gets rid of all your compensation patterns and coping mechanisms. It relieves the stress on the pathways so things seem to flow a lot easier.  This therapy is for adults and children.  As an adult, if you find yourself not able to process your emotions, feel stuck, having a problems with memory, you are a candidate for this therapy.  You can not afford not to have the foundation of your brain rewired.  It will help you process life itself.

Brain Integration is recommended for the

Correction of:

  • Specific Learning Difficulties
  • ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia
  • Memory Problems
  • Stress Management
  • Optimizing Brain Functions for Children and Adults

To Improve:

  • Learning Ability
  • Creativity
  • Physical Coordination
  • Job Performance

Crossinology Brain Integration (BIT) , “unlocks” blocked learning pathways.  Based on the principles of applied physiology and acupuncture, Brain Integration is a comprehensive system of procedures that improve learning ability, comprehension, memory and physical coordination.  In essence, BIT pinpoints blockages and then reconnects the electromagnetic fibers of the corpus callosum (the brain’s “switchboard”) that affect learning.

Brain Integration works well when used in conjunction with learning situations and therapies that include tutors, psychologists and health professionals.  BIT specifically unblocks pathways  that affect learning, motivation and performance.

Stress Adversely Alters Brain Function

The human brain performs extremely complicated electromagnetic functions.  Like any other organ, it can suffer from stress from varying causes including anxiety, fear, trauma, or injury.  When under stress, the brain’s blood supply is redirected to support ‘fight or flight’ in the body, and the logic and/ or creative centers simply shut down.  When this happens, the synchronization of the brain function is lost, resulting in the inability to think clearly.  We can blame ourselves for not trying harder, or worse, not being intelligent enough, when the true culprit is stress.  All too often we lose confidence and eventually learn to ‘turn off’ instead of welcoming new experiences.


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